Michael Comella

Mobile developer at Mozilla currently working on Firefox for Fire TV.

Currently engineering Firefox Focus and Firefox TV for Fire TV at Mozilla. I’m particularly interested in how technology can help people solve the tough problems they face in their day-to-day lives and I’m delighted by the ways the web, as an open platform for rapid communication and information, empowers users to solve these problems.

As a developer, one strong passion of mine is in writing maintainable, well-architected, and readable code. Relatedly, to improve code quality, I’m enthusiastic about new programming trends like functional programming and the use of tooling (e.g. static analysis and testing).

My primary experience is in Android mobile development with Java and Kotlin. I have a few months of professional experience on iOS development with Swift, decent JavaScript skills (from browser development), and workable HTML/CSS knowledge. I also have strong, albeit infrequent, experience with Python for scripting and prototype web servers. As a hobby, I’ve dabbled in clojure.

Previous projects include:

Website credits and licensing