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    Enhancing Articles Through Hyperlinks -

    When reading an article, I often run into a problem: there are links I want to open but now is not a good time to open them. Why is now not a good time? If I open them and read...

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    The Shortcomings of Android Thread Annotations -

    When the Android thread annotations such as @UiThread and @WorkerThread were announced, I was excited – I could rest assured that the compiler was on my side, ensuring I wasn’t causing performance hits by writing to disk from the UI...

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    Droidcon at a Glance -

    So much to do – so little time! That’s my main take-away from the two days I spent amongst the cutting edge Android developers at Droidcon SF. This week I had the opportunity to discover the great depths of innovation...

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    Is it in Nightly yet? -

    Are you a Mozilla developer? Has your manager, itching to try out your latest feature, ever asked you, “Is it in the latest Nightly build yet?” I asked myself a little too often so I built a thing: It’s quite...

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