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    Android Studio 3.0 Profiler Injects Files Into Data Directory -

    After upgrading to Android Studio 3.0, I discovered a few mysterious new files in my app’s data directory (/data/data/org.mozilla.focus.debug/, in this case): perfa.jar perfd (binary file) After some investigation, I discovered these files are a product of Android Studio...

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    Introducing ScrollingCardView for iOS -

    For Project Prox, we were asked to implement a design1 like this: Specifically, this is a card view that: Hugs its content, dynamically expanding the height when the content does Will scroll its content if the content is taller than...

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    Enhancing Articles Through Hyperlinks -

    When reading an article, I often run into a problem: there are links I want to open but now is not a good time to open them. Why is now not a good time? If I open them and read...

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    The Shortcomings of Android Thread Annotations -

    When the Android thread annotations such as @UiThread and @WorkerThread were announced, I was excited – I could rest assured that the compiler was on my side, ensuring I wasn’t causing performance hits by writing to disk from the UI...

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